Myron’s attains Cercon® Smart Ceramics milling capabilities
Myron’s can now scan, design and mill ceramic zirconia restorations with the Cercon® Smart Ceramics system. Cercon’s system combines the strength of ceramic zirconia with the accuracy of the CAM process. Not only you will this allow you to receive your restorations sooner, but Cercon’s system also ensures more precise, better fitting restorations.

Myron's is an Official Lava™ Design Center
As a Lava™ Design Center, Myron's has moved away from using traditional wax up design to a virtual design process using the innovative ST Scanner for all Lava™ restorations. With a powerful application, we can send a file straight to a certified Lava™ Milling Center, meaning we can quickly fabricate your Lava™ restorations.

Myrons in Business for 73 years
2008 marks 73 years Myron's Dental Laboratories, Inc., has been serving dentists across the nation. This family-owned business has three labs, each with skilled technicians who have the experience to supply consistent, dependable restorations for your patients'

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